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High temperature furnace applications in high temperature refractory coating concrete
Furnace is cast in high-temperature materials for high-temperature calcination equipment products, materials or firing . Heating furnaces burning materials are coal, wood , oil, coal , natural gas or electromagnetic induction . Working temperature of the furnace can reach 1600 ℃ or higher , a large number of environments corrosive media flow is large , the friction loss of the kiln serious corrosion of materials . In order to better protect the furnace materials, energy saving and environmental protection, to make work more continuity kiln , kiln under high temperature corrosion so it becomes extra important. High temperature furnace anti-corrosion coatings for specific applications as follows :

1 , high temperature furnace insulation materials are brick , insulation brick corrosion protection has become insulation bricks , insulation brick has high quality , low quality of the points, after working in the high-temperature insulating brick kilns in 3-5 years, insulation bricks will send Crisp loss, severe image furnace safety and thermal insulation . Corrosion protection practices insulation brick surface insulation tiles are painted ZS-1 's first high-temperature thermal insulation coatings , insulation brick reduce erosion and corrosion medium heat temperature in ZS-1 high-temperature insulation coating outside Reapply brush ZS-1061 high-temperature far-infrared radiation paint , furnace combustion temperature increases , lower exhaust gas temperature, is full of energy spread , so that the economic benefits of energy-saving is particularly prominent .

2, the furnace temperature materials are metal, metal corrosion at high temperatures is very serious , after the metal surface treatment , first brushing ZS-1 high-temperature thermal insulation coatings , less metal heating temperature is lower metal in high-temperature environments the performance does not change , the performance limit of the metal to play . In the ZS-1 high-temperature insulation coating the outer surface and then brushing ZS-811 high temperature anti-corrosion coatings , high temperature anti-corrosion coating temperature can reach 1800 ℃, acid and alkali, anti-air shocks, burning furnaces can be well protected corrosive gases produced no reaction and metal contact , greatly extend the life of the furnace metal.

3, the furnace temperature materials are cotton insulation or insulation blankets in cotton insulation or insulation blankets on the first transition brushing ZS-1011 fiber coating , brushing ZS-1061 in the far-infrared radiation temperature coatings, which can reduce cotton insulation or insulation blankets of the extent of corrosion , better play or cotton insulation blanket insulation thermal insulation properties , the material aspects of aging, cotton insulation or insulation blankets to extend the service life .

4 , kiln temperature materials are graphite, silicon carbide , graphite and silicon carbide relatively strong harmful oxidation at high temperatures , severe corrosion , it will affect the normal operation of the kiln . In the first high-temperature graphite and silicon carbide coatings brushing ZS-1011 transition , then brushing ZS-1021 high-temperature closed paint , graphite and silicon carbide increased antioxidant capacity, reduce erosion , increase furnace conditions of use and age .

High temperature furnace is an important and crucial equipment on industrial production, energy efficiency furnaces are also key energy industry, energy saving and emission reduction is to follow the law of development of human society and conform to the trend of today's world strategic initiatives . Since the industrial revolution, the rapid development of the world, especially Western countries, the economy is large consumption of energy and resources for the price, and caused the worsening ecological environment. Further strengthen the furnace energy conservation work , both on the development of human society deepening understanding , but also actively respond to global climate change is an urgent need to take a new road to industrialization strategy inevitable choice.
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