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High temperature corrosion coatings solve boilers, furnaces material corrosion problems
     In China, due to the traditional high-temperature corrosion paint some flaws , one temperature is not sufficient to directly face the flames, but also resistant to flame grill , and second materials are organically modified , high temperature corrosion resistance is poor, resulting in the production of many the process can not be used on the device , serious corrosion of metal equipment . A roaster production of sulfur dioxide , high temperature, metal furnace temperature can reach 600 ℃, corrosive gases and more friction, because there is no good teams furnace metal corrosion materials for anti -corrosion protection , 40 mm thick furnace metal plate just three months on the corrosion penetration ; there are some chemical raw materials production furnace body temperature can reach 1300 ℃, corrosive gases under high temperature corrosion , corrosion of furnace materials rapidly , causing interruption to the chemical production serious waste of resources .

     If there is an anti-corrosion coatings , flame temperature can reach temperatures , the ability of long- lived high-temperature flame grill , good corrosion oxidation resistance , high hardness, high temperature furnace will be able to successfully solve the above metal corrosion problems ! Now Beijing Hua Wei Sheng Zhi Chemical Co., Ltd. Joint Forces Institute of Beijing and major institutions , after many years , high-temperature test thousands of times by Chi Sheng Wei Hua company developed the production of ZS-811 high temperature anti-corrosion coatings , has an exclusive patented technology, domestic the only production and sales enterprises. Chi Shing high temperature anti-corrosion coating temperature can reach 1800 ℃, long-term fire-resistant barbecue , good preservative effect in the fire .

     ZS high temperature anti-corrosion coatings are water-based inorganic paints, coatings can be long in the fire corrosion, hardness 8H, the paint is water-based inorganic green paint, without any harmful substances volatile at room temperature high temperature , green , pollution-free, self-curing coatings at room temperature , which physical properties, chemical properties and performance have reached the international advanced level. High temperature corrosion paint brush in the high-temperature furnace metal in high-temperature flame environment can effectively protect the furnace temperature corrosion -resistant metal , acid and alkali resistance to improve and protect metal from oxidation, close protection and so on , to overcome the ordinary anti-corrosion coatings at high temperatures very suited to the conditions of chemical equipment , heat enough, easy to produce from the skin, ruffling , discoloration and other defects. High stability of the coating , impact resistant, high temperature environment will react with other active molecules, so that a longer life of the furnace , resulting in a continuous industrial production and increase production capacity . Excellent high-temperature performance of anti-corrosion coatings Chi Wai Washington , but also enhance its scope of application. In recent years , China Wei Sheng Zhi high temperature anti-corrosion coatings have been in the aerospace , petroleum, petrochemical , metallurgy , light industry, power, military systems have been widely used for the chimney , high-temperature steam pipes , heat exchangers, high temperature furnaces , petroleum and petrochemical cracking equipment, engine parts and exhaust temperature corrosion . With the development of science and technology level , ZS-811 uses high temperature anti-corrosion coatings will gradually expand the use of chemical equipment .
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