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Large industrial high temperature furnace energy saving coatings into the main program
Large-scale industrial furnace is fired for calcining materials or products, refractory brick device called a large-scale industrial furnace . Many types of large industrial furnaces can be divided into general industrial large-scale industrial furnaces , rotary large industrial furnace, coking large industrial furnaces , induction furnaces and other large industrial . But generally large industrial furnaces must reach an internal temperature above 350 ℃ , heat a large industrial furnace temperature can reach 2000 ℃. Generally large industrial furnaces heated mostly by electricity, coal , oil, gas or electromagnetic induction heating temperature, heat transfer large industrial furnaces in three ways , namely heat conduction , convection and radiation heat transfer . In the low-temperature phase , convective heat exchange with heat -based, while the high temperature phase (800 ℃ above ) , then the radiation heat transfer based, as the temperature rises , radiation heat transfer plays a growing role the stronger the radiation heat .

Due to the special properties of large industrial furnaces and heat , which requires large-scale industrial furnace construction and insulation do well. With the advances in the world of industry, large-scale industrial furnace is also moving large-scale, efficient and longevity development, large-scale industrial furnace gradually optimized structure , improve the rate of improvement of energy efficiency , the unit energy consumption decreased productivity , and large industrial furnaces increase the useful life of the material , which features high-temperature coatings for demanding higher performance , located in Fengtai District Dongtieying Weihua Sheng Chi 's many diverse species kiln temperature functional coatings , functional outstanding, for high-temperature furnace significant energy saving , energy saving, production to bring considerable economic benefits.

Currently in the field of industrial heating large industrial furnace energy saving methods and techniques used are: lightweight lining materials , and its typical representative is the " all- fiber furnace " ; Regenerative industrial furnaces , heat flow downstream in the waste heat recovery to proceed ; IR coating technology , the fundamental weakness of the coating aging , decay emissivity ; addition, in order to increase the projection area of ​​the furnace ; distributed control method using a computer to improve the control precision , but the thermal efficiency of the furnace and can not play a fundamental effect. Our pursuit is : how these existing energy-efficient technologies alone or integrated use, but also further substantial energy savings. It is required that the resource situation and technological development. Now more famous domestic production of high temperature industrial furnace energy saving features large paint manufacturers , Beijing Hua Wei Sheng Zhi Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing high-temperature furnace manufacturers of energy-saving coatings , high temperature furnace lining large industrial energy saving protective coatings of high production technology , paint temperature can reach 1800 ℃, acid and alkali , high hardness , impact resistance and other characteristics. People through the heat balance calculations or tests found resistance furnace furnace regenerator and heat loss by up to 60 % to 70 %, while the effective thermal heating of the workpiece is only 25 % to 30 %. The fuel furnaces are basically similar . On this basis, so the use of a smaller heat capacity and thermal insulation materials Zhulu lightweight materials to reduce the heat storage and heat loss . This energy-saving methods , but the heat "blocking" in the furnace , the heat rays did not change the " diffuse " state , does not solve the problem of thermal radiation is in place , so the effective thermal heating of the workpiece is still low .

The following high-temperature functional coatings can solve large-scale industrial furnace energy-saving rate is less than the current problems, such as local thermal insulation is poor, diffuse severe in large industrial furnaces , industrial kilns regenerative too large , large-scale industrial furnace lining High temperature oxidation corrosion serious , large-scale industrial furnace local structural closure not a serious problem , such as energy consumption .

1 , high temperature insulation coating of large industrial furnaces , ZS-1 high-temperature thermal insulation coatings that uses high-temperature solution specially Hua Wei Sheng Zhi , the only domestic manufacturer , temperature 1800 ℃, can be directly facing the flame grill time effectively reduce the temperature of large industrial furnace lining heat insulation rate excellent thermal conductivity coatings have only 0.03W/mK, can effectively suppress and infrared radiant heat shielding and heat conduction, Chi Shing ZS compartment thermal insulation coating efficiency of about 90% inhibition of large industrial furnace energy-saving rate can reach 80 %.

2 , large-scale high-temperature industrial furnace lining anti-corrosion coatings , ZS-811 high temperature thermal insulation coatings , paints temperature change 1800 ℃, Hua Wei Sheng Zhi exclusive production and sales , in the high-temperature flame paint can effectively protect the high temperature environment of large industrial furnaces lined with corrosion -resistant , anti-oxidation, close protection and so on , high wear Hua Wei Sheng Zhi temperature stability of paints and coatings , high temperature environment will react with other active molecules , so that large industrial furnace energy-saving rate is higher and longer life , resulting in industrial production continuity and increase production capacity for large-scale industrial enterprises, high-temperature furnace lining anti-corrosion coatings to large-scale industrial furnace energy efficiency was significantly improved.

3 , high temperature furnace lining the closure of large industrial coatings , ZS-1021 high-temperature closed coatings, paints dense change is good , high temperature, can be well maintained large industrial furnace lining is not water, liquid , vapor corrosion , extending the lining of life, full of large industrial high temperature furnace lining effect. Hua Wei Sheng Zhi closed paint can be directly painted on the lining of metal, fiber surfaces , insulation bricks , castable and so on .

4 , high-temperature industrial furnace lining the large far-infrared radiation paint , ZS-1061 high-temperature far-infrared radiation paint , changing paint is a high temperature ( the temperature can reach 1700 ℃), high radiation rate ( 0.95 ) , corrosion resistance and high wear resistance of the special features of energy-saving features paint , using Hua Wei Sheng Zhi special production process , paint a strong infrared radiation function, improve furnace heat exchange and improve the furnace temperature field strength and homogeneity of the fuel burning more fully , to increase the thermal efficiency, greatly improved refractory thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption, save energy and extend the life of the furnace lining , energy conservation has become the consensus of the community, with further research and development of coating technology , as well as all aspects of infrared radiation properties of the coating Learn more , ZS Hua Wei Sheng Zhi heat radiated energy saving coatings will certainly have a more broad application prospects .

5, the high-temperature furnace lining large industrial adhesives , ZS-1071 high temperature inorganic binder , the binder is changed Beijing Huadu Li Wei Sheng Zhi research and development , new products have their own intellectual property rights , the temperature can reach 1800 ℃, Hua Wei Sheng Zhi strong adhesion and high temperature inorganic binder metal substrate non-corrosive, high temperature and can be lined with good adhesion properties and corrosion resistance , the long service life. Hua Wei Sheng Zhi plasticity and high temperature adhesive bonding is good, easy to squeeze in to fill voids and cracks, porosity appropriate to facilitate the discharge of water during drying , heat shrink small volume , in order to avoid cracks , good sintering properties , strength, resistance to erosion and resistance to erosion.

As long as we are out of the traditional technology, the introduction of new energy-saving mechanisms , such as strengthening the furnace radiation heat transfer technology to achieve effective control of the source of heat rays , they can on the basis of the existing energy consumption , saving another 20% to 30 %. Make a lot of high energy consumption of the furnace base, long-term , stable, low-cost operation , promoting changes in China's economic growth mode . However , China's industrial furnaces industrial furnaces compared with developed countries , the average thermal efficiency of the furnace lower than about 20% abroad , the country's industrial furnaces , such as energy saving of 10% on average , the equivalent of 100 million tons of energy conservation standards energy-saving potential of coal, industrial furnaces visible is enormous . Design of energy-saving furnace temperature coating solution is good, both to improve the furnace unit of output , but also saving energy, reducing emissions of pollutants and reduce the production of energy consumption values ​​.
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